Camel Cigarettes Offer Different Smokes for Different Folks

Camel is one of the most iconic brands of cigarettes, dating back to 1913 when R.J. Reynolds Tobacco introduced them to the American public.
Since then, Camel has expanded its line of products to include dozens of different varieties, most of which combine premium Turkish tobacco and Virginia tobacco in a satisfying blend.
The Camel cigarettes sold in the U.S. today include 52 varieties, almost as many as Heinz. Take a look at some of the more obscure niche camel cigarette types:
Camel Samsun
Camel Cinnzabar
Camel Twist
Camel Screwdriver Slots
Camel Rare
Camel Turkish Jade
Camel Rare Menthol
Camel Mandalay Lime
Camel Aegean Spice
Camel Bayou Blast
Camel Signature Frost
Camel Izmir Stinger
Camel Basma
Camel Dark Mint
Camel Mandarin Mint
Camel Margarita Mixer
Camel Midnight Madness
Camel Back Alley Blend
Camel Kauai Kolada
Camel Crema
Camel Twista Lime
Camel Warm Winter Toffee
Camel Winter Mocha Mint

Remember, those are just a few of the many Camel cigarette varieties available today, and it doesn’t include international Camel cigarette types like Mexico’s Camel Big Peach 100’s, Japan’s Camel Nutty Menthol or Canada’s additive-free Camel Natural Flavor 8.
Here in the U.S., their menthol capsule varieties (Crush) have taken over a large share of the market by offering bursts of menthol flavor which smokers activate by pinching the filter.